Langsett 1902

Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

The striking omission in this Bartholomew’s ‘Half Inch’ map from just over a century ago is that plantations aren’s shown surrounding the reservoir.

Bartholomew’s ‘Half Inch’ Map of England and Wales, 1902-

After the Snow

Netherton Hall in the snow.

After two weeks of snow, it’s great to be able to stride out again without having to think about every step you take. There’s a particular greasy, grubbiness of damp pavements and sodden remnant autumn leaves that comes after a thaw, but it’s so good to see green instead of white, blue skies instead of grey and to smell fresh air again.

Last year the winter lingered but even if it will be March before we get the first inklings of spring, I realise that I need to start forward planning now to do all that I’ve got planned in the way of drawing, walking . . . and gardening.